Edge of Extinction

Edge of Extinction

The origins story behind “edge of extinction”, a recent work in my series exploring the human figure in relation to its surroundings, the worlds we create, and the planet we impact. This piece originated as a photograph taken in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Technically, it went from being a photograph, through a manual process of painting using a tablet and Apple Pencil, utilizing about 5 pieces of different software and virtual brushes. But of course there is more to the story and intent of this piece than the technical implements and software behind it.

“Edge of Extinction” Origins

My wife Robyn had just recovered from her year-long bout of radiation and chemotherapy. In times of medical isolation, you really learn to value true friends. With Robyn still feeling weak and her strength coming back haltingly, we were not even thinking of vacations or travel. But, we received an invitation from our dear friends Ken and Lynda to visit with them in their house in North Carolina near the Outer Banks. I’ll never forget this trip, and Ken and Lynda’s generosity in extending the invitation.

Sun Worship, Trite or Spectacular?

Outer Banks Sunset
Outer Banks Sunset

Sunsets in the Outer Banks can be spectacular, and people seem to gather on the beach every evening in somewhat of a sun worshiping ritual. So, the photo taken was one of those occasions, a lazy stroll towards the water’s edge, anonymous silhouettes of people admiring the red sky and setting sun after a day on the beach.

Back then, I processed the natural beauty of such a scene at face value. Why do we like to capture photographs of sunsets? What is our definition of their beauty? Or is it to capture a moment, to cement a memory?

For Me, Connections Are Everywhere

Circular Perspectives
Circular Perspectives

This was in 2006. These days, for me, increasingly such scenes evoke numerous connections to seemingly unrelated topics. In this case, a sense of environmental fragility, planetary fragility, my fragility. Ultimately, climate anxiety. These connections are juxtaposed with knowledge about how brief, privileged and rare our appreciation is.

Before and After

The Finished Artwork

Standing on the Edge of Extinction
Standing on the Edge of Extinction

The circular shape of these pieces in the series is representative of an unseen global, planetary perspective. I am distorting images here, but these distortions are meant to reveal or create new connections. I also like the change in perspective from an outward looking to a more inward looking one. Which to me is humanity must do to convert our appreciation of nature into the preservation of it.

Learn About The NFT

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