An Introduction To My “Transformations” Series

An Introduction To My “Transformations” Series

Everything has a history. Or, at least, a story. When it comes to art, more specifically making art, revealing the history behind the creation of a piece can be a two-edged sword for the artist.

On one hand, the artist can reveal the story behind the creation of a piece. On the other hand, many artists believe that art speaks for itself. And, once a piece is created, the interpretation of it belongs to the viewing audience. I, for one, believe this.

Besides, the story behind a piece of artwork may just be impossible to tell completely, even for the original creator.

There are millions of tiny decisions, circumstances, and accidents that contribute to the creative process. Some are intentional, others are subconscious, and even artists themselves may only be aware of some of this.

Still, the genesis of an idea can be a story worth telling, offering inspiration, as well as acting as a reference point for the audience. And in a “Warner Brothers” culture, where origin stories of their hero movie franchises have ruled cinema and streaming outlets for nearly a decade, the origin story behind some piece of art might offer some entertainment value.

Speaking About Pursuing Passion Projects

Personally, I have always felt that what I come up with creatively is not designed to please any audience. It comes from a deeper place, an internal urge, a passion if you will. Perhaps the word passion is a bit strong.

For me, the point is that I would be pursuing these endeavors even if there was no audience for them. That is the measure of something I have a passion for.

Yet, in my day-to-day work as a digital strategist, I do most everything on behalf of and to the benefit of clients. And this does at times seem like a big disconnect. So, I justify my egocentric and myopic passion pursuits because on balance, most everything else in my life seems to be in the service of an audience, for example my clients.

So, it is with this in mind that I welcome you, dear reader, to this blog series about my own artwork. I welcome you with gratitude for your interest, and for your patience with my creative process and the rabbit holes of my latest passion projects.